Medicinal herbs that grow wild, tended by the hand of Mother Earth are potent, abundant, and wise. Each plant has it’s own essence and personality that shines through, sending vibrant healing throughout the body, heart, and mind. This is the language of wild medicine and it is the medicine of the people, transmitted to us through the ages.  The graceful harvesting of these plants is known as ‘wildcrafting’ and it is the legacy of our Ancestors.

Growing all around us is our heritage, our history, and our birth right.

Native Apothecary’s mission is to inspire you to look outside!  You have plants that live just outside your door that are potent wild medicine- nurturing agents of vital change.  This place where you live supports you with abundance.  Wild medicine can come in the form of a properly selected plant remedy, a story that brightens the mood, or a feather found on a breezy afternoon walk. Wildcrafting medicine is about seeing opportunity where others see darkness.  The weed popping out of the sidewalk can be dense with healing goodness.

Open your heart, dear friends– Invite wildcrafted medicine into your life.

Native Apothecary is the life’s work of Alison Garber, an herbalist and energy healer.  She walks the meadows and woodlands of South Western Pennsylvania, talking with the medicinal plants and spirits of the Land.  Alison has been a student of herbal medicine for most of her life, and has studied with Susun Weed, wise woman extraordinaire.  During this time, Alison’s connection to medicinal plants has blossomed, creating an abundant desire to help you awaken to the vitality of this beautiful life.

Alison is dedicated to connecting you to place–a place of healing and wholeness.

Alison is available for consultations in person or by phone/Skype.  Alison also leads medicinal wild plant walks and medicine-making classes in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Find wholeness through place with Native Apothecary