Photo by Janelle Bendycki 2016

Photo by Janelle Bendycki 2016



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Native Apothecary's vision is to connect people to place with good wild medicine- wild crafted remedies, medicinal plant walks, and story.  We all have stories to share.


Alison of Native Apothecary meets with clients to help them discover ways to reconnect with their bodies and hearts.  Through story and sharing, she will focus on identifying where your body can use balancing and nourishing.  An energetic theme of the overall challenges will also be discussed.

What to expect from Alison:

  • A one to one and a half hour long appointment, where you and Alison will discuss what is needed to assist in balancing your body through medicinal and nutritionally dense plants.  Keep in mind that an herbalist cannot by law diagnose or treat disease.  What an herbalist can do is help educate you about what might be happening in your body and how certain plants and lifestyle changes can promote harmony.

  • One wild harvested tincture or tea blend made by Alison that is indicated for you.

  • Herbal remedy recommendations with dosages that are indicated for you. 

  • A detailed email overview of your time together that will include herbal remedy recommendations and directions on how to incorporate them into your life.

  • Two follow ups to ensure that you are on the path to wellness.

What Alison expects from you:

  • An open heart and a willingness to share your story.

  • A commitment to change.  The suggestions Alison makes may be small or large.  Please be ready to make some lifestyle changes.

  • A commitment to taking full responsibility for your health.


Consultations are available In-person, via skype or phone every third monday of each month at juju in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania


the wellness session is $125 and includes herbs





Yarrow.  Achillea millefolium

Yarrow.  Achillea millefolium