The first Saturday of each month starting May 6th, 2017


Strong medicine lies within the place you reside, calling you to the wild edges of the land.  Deepen your relationship with place by learning to work with the plants that live close to your door step.  On the first Saturday of each month, from May to October, explore the wild edges with Alison of Native Apothecary and learn to create an herbal apothecary with wildcrafted flowers, leaves and roots.  Meet the medicine where it grows, seeing the landscape change with the seasons.

Classes take place in the wild spaces of Western Pennsylvania and in a private studio kitchen located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania



Herbal Infusions + Decoctions


Medicinal Vinegars

Herbal Tinctures

Flower Essences

Salves + Syrups

Infused Honeys




Each six-hour class starts in the field-- learn the habitat, characteristics, harvesting techniques, and unique personality of each medicinal leaf, flower and root that resides in Southwestern Pennsylvania.  Become your own hedgewitch, learning how to connect to the spirit of the flora you come across, enriching your life. Take your harvest back to the studio kitchen and create an apothecary rich with the vitality of the Earth. 



Develop an in-depth relationship with over 20 different herbal allies, those potent with strong mediciNE.




Medicinal herbs that grow wild, tended by the hand of Mother Earth are potent, abundant, and wise. Each plant has it's own essence and personality that shines through, sending vibrant healing throughout the body, heart, and mind. This is the language of wild medicine and it is the medicine of the people, transmitted to us through the ages.

This course is designed for people who want to deepen their relationship with plants, and for those with a desire to connect with the vibrant medicine of the land. 




May 6th

June 3rd

July 1st

August 5th

September 2nd

October 7th




Space is limited to six participants, ensuring that each person receives a personal experience. Participants are encouraged to attend each class, ensuring the continuity of knowledge shared.  Individual classes can be purchased, as well.




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“There are few classes as unique and illuminating as Native Alchemy Lab. Through a series of engaging nature walks and informative workshops, wise woman Alison Garber makes the vast knowledge of the plant world not only accessible, but fun and familiar. This was the perfect class to help me focus my studies and cultivate a deeper connection with our mother earth. Truly fulfilling and an absolute delight!”


"Has there ever been a more magical and nurturing way to spend a day than in the Native Apothecary Alchemy Lab? Probably not. Alison led passionately and playfully as we were reminded how to commune with Mama Earth, learning to harvest wild food and medicine in a loving and reverent manner, and learning new skills from the old world for making powerful medicine from our landscape and pantry. Empowering, inspiring, and unifying don't scratch the surface. Alison is a force, but a nurturing one."



"In a matter of months, my life was transformed. Plants that I have grown up with and seen countless times are now resources and companions. Walks to work are enriched by practicing my identification skills and noting where to find something that I may need in the future to craft an oil or tincture. My sense of place is enhanced by knowing I am surrounded by beings that will help me to thrive. And, best of all, I am empowered to use this magic with a few tools and a bit of practice. I am deeply grateful for my apprenticeship with Alison of Native Apothecary and would encourage anyone who wants to feel the magic to pursue this experience!"





admission WILL REOPEN MARCH 2018