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Wild medicine can come in the form of a properly harvested plant remedy or a feather found on a breezy afternoon walk.  Wild medicine deeply connects you to your heart center, the place where you live, your native Land.

Medicinal herbs that grow wild, tended by the hand of Mother Earth are potent, abundant, and wise. Each plant has it's own essence and personality that shines through, sending vibrant healing throughout the body, heart, and mind. This is the language of wild medicine and it is the medicine of the people, transmitted to us through the ages.  

The graceful harvesting of these plants is known as 'wild-crafting' and it is the legacy of our Ancestors. Growing all around us is our heritage, our history, and our birth right. You, yourself have plants that live just outside your door that are potent wild medicine- nurturing agents of vital change.


Wild-crafting medicine is about seeing opportunity where others see darkness.


Open your heart, dear friends--

invite wild-crafted medicine into your life


Native Apothecary is the life's work of Alison Garber, a Folk Herbalist and Hedgewitch.  She walks the meadows and woodlands of Southwestern Pennsylvania, listening to the voices of the native landscape. She travels the wild in-between spaces, the edges that are potent with vital medicine, and harvests this medicine with a grateful heart.

Alison has been a student of plant magic for most of her life and has been trained in the Wise Woman Tradition.  She has dedicated her life to learning about the Green Elders, cultivating her connection to the land, creating an abundant desire to help folks awaken to the vitality of this beautiful life and the wellness that can be achieved through the practice of using plants for medicine.


Alison is dedicated to connecting you to place--

Your native land which is an untapped place of healing and wholeness.

Her vision is to forge an alliance between the earth, potent with wild medicine, and the people in her community. 



Through Native Apothecary, Alison teaches regular workshops on the healing magic of herbal medicine, creates vibrant wild foraged plant remedies, meets with clients to help them discover ways to reconnect with their vitality, and leads plant walks that focus on the medicinal herbs that grow abundantly on the wild edges of the land.


Find wholeness through place with Native Apothecary