Talisman Pouch- Plain

Talisman Pouch- Plain


Each Talisman pouch is made to order, created specifically for you.  During the purchasing process, you will receive a short series of questions.  After answering them, Alison will contact you with the details of the creation of your Talisman pouch. 

Each pouch will require approximately one month to create due to the timing and nature of the creation process. 

Alison will provide a detailed description of the stones and plant allies chosen for you.

The Talisman pouch is made with ethically-sourced leather, harvested from animals that have passed on naturally. All pouches have been cleansed to insure their purest essence. Typical things you may find in your pouch include: wild rose petals, black tourmaline, hawthorne thorn, mullein leaf, black sea salt, mugwort leaves and ashes, smoky quartz, and blue kyanite. All plant allies present in each pouch have been hand-harvested by Alison of Native Apothecary. All stone medicine have been responsibly mined and cleansed to ensure potency.

Each pouch measures 3 x 3 inches and comes with an adjustable leather strap to best accommodate your style.

Please note that the each pouch is a unique, one-of-a-kind item.  The pouch shown in the photo is an example and may not be the exact Talisman you will receive.  Trust the process. 

Due to the nature of this sacred object, Native Apothecary cannot accept returns.

 Please use the CONNECT page to inquire about International Shipping.

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