Fire Elixir is a traditional folk remedy used by people over the ages to improve digestion and build seasonal immunity. This tasty remedy is an oxymel, an herbal medicine made with apple cider vinegar, raw honey and herbs that promotes respiratory health and warms up the body. Just a tablespoon a day keeps sore throats at bay, and stokes the fires of digestion, which slows during winter.

All Organic Ingredients- unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, onion, fresh horseradish root, raw garlic, raw ginger, fresh hot peppers,
fresh thyme, fresh rosemary, wild harvested rose hips, astragalus root, Pennsylvania raw local honey from Bee Boy

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Directions– Take one tablespoon daily for immune and digestive support.  During acute symptoms, take up to three tablespoons making sure plenty of water is also consumed.  This lovely tonic can be added to salads, stir frys, and delicious adult beverages.