Sacred Mugwort Leaf

Sacred Mugwort Leaf


Native Apothecary now offers sustainably wildharvested loose leaf Mugwort for your sacred journey!

Gathered this June, our Mugwort has been hand-harvested using ethically wildcrafted fresh plants and then dried in sacred ceremony. Loose leaf offerings are wonderfully convenient because you just use what you need. Crumble in your hand, place upon the included offering stone and set it ablaze. The leaves come in a 4 ounce tin ready for your seasonal rites.

Requesting Mugwort’s aid during smoke cleansing will:

  • Clear away any negativity

  • Make way for the ability to connect with the Divine Feminine

  • Encourages the ability to see and understand sacred signs clearly

  • Protect and maintain good energetic boundaries

This listing includes: 4 ounces of loose mugwort leaf, one hand selected offering stone, reusable tin

PLEASE NOTE—This listing is restricted to U.S. sales only, due to customs regulations.

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