Mugwort bundle

Mugwort bundle

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Plants are the gatekeepers and guardians of the Spirit world and can reconnect us to our true selves. They have been called upon by human folk since the beginning of time for protection, transformation and healing.

In many traditions across the world, it is common to practice the art of smoke cleansing during ceremony or ritual. Smoke cleansing is the act of intentionally burning dried plants that are either loose or in bundle form to make offerings, shift energy, or honor the sacred. The smoke can also bless objects, the body or a space.

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a beloved Green Elder that has a long magickal history. It’s Latin name refers to it’s traditional connection to the Goddess of the Moon, Artemis. You can see this in it’s silvery under-foliage and according to folklore, Mugwort grows anywhere the Moon light touches the Earth.

Requesting Mugwort’s aid during smoke cleansing will:

  • Clear away any negativity

  • Make way for the ability to connect with the Divine Feminine

  • Encourages the ability to see and understand sacred signs clearly

  • Protect and maintain good energetic boundaries

Native Apothecary now offers sustainably wildharvested Mugwort bundles for your sacred journey. There are two sizes:

Small- approximately 5 inches in length

Large- approximately 18 inches in length

Each Mugwort bundle has been hand-harvested using ethically wildcrafted fresh plants, bundled and then dried in sacred ceremony by Native Apothecary. Your personal bundle will be intuitively selected just for you.

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