Ritual Oil

Ritual Oil


Bask in the energy of the Moon with Native Apothecary's Ritual ceremony oil. Made with ethically wild-crafted fresh Artemesia vulgaris leaves and organic olive oil, this relaxing body oil soothes sore muscles, relaxes the nervous system and rejuvenates dry skin.  A responsibly sourced moonstone crystal is added to the oil, merging plant and stone medicine together.  

Meaningful self-care rituals include caring for our physical and energetic body. Body oiling with herb-infused plant oils have been used for centuries to create sacred space, a place where one can dream and heal.  The oil, solar-infused with Mugwort, imparts the healing magic of both plant, oil, and the energy of the sun.  Oiling the body promotes healthy skin, immune/lymphatic system, and a deeper connection to yourself.  You are sacred.

How do I use this? Anoint your sacred objects to infuse them with the powers of Grandmother Moon, or use this potent oil during your evening self-care ritual to prepare yourself for your journey into the Land Of Dreams.   

What are the ingredients? Ethically wild-harvested fresh Mugwort leaves, sun-infused organic olive oil, moonstone crystal, non-gmo certified vitamin E oil (used as a preservative)

This listing is for a four ounce bottle and is part of Native Apothecary's Ceremony Oil family.  Adorn your sacred temple and carry the spirit of intention with you all day.

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