Shield Oil

Shield Oil

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These are challenging times, sweet ones.  We are all walking unfamiliar territory, reclaiming boundaries, shedding layers.  We are all changing, growing, and needing support as we break through our chrysalis and flex our delicate wings.

Fortify your energetic boundaries with Native Apothecary's Shield oil.  This ceremony oil is created with ethically harvested Stinging Nettle and Elderflower, two Green Elders that our Ancestors have called upon to promote protection in our lives. An ethically sourced black tourmaline crystal is added to this rich oil to act as an energetic body guard.

Meaningful self-care rituals include caring for our physical and energetic body.  Body oiling with herb-infused plant oils have been used for centuries to create sacred space, a place where one can dream and heal.  The oil, solar-infused with Stinging Nettle and Elderflower, imparts the healing magic of both plant, oil, and the energy of the sun.  Oiling the body promotes healthy skin, immune/lymphatic system, and a deeper connection to yourself.  You are sacred.

How do I use this?  Envelop your body with a protective shield at the beginning of your day. Anoint sacred talismans to carry in your pocket or pouch.  Walk confidently on your path knowing that you are sheltered and loved! 

What are the ingredients? Ethically wild-harvested fresh Stinging Nettle, ethically wild-harvested dried Elderflower, sun-infused organic olive oil, black tourmaline crystal, non-gmo certified vitamin E oil (used as a preservative)

This listing is for one four ounce bottle and is a part of Native Apothecary’s Ceremony Oil line. 

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