Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm

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The perfect balm for healing fresh tattoos. Made with solar-infused wildcrafted fresh Plantain leaf (Plantago lancelota) and All Heal (Prunella vulgaris) oil, this balm quickly calms the tender skin that you have marked with sacred images.  Pennsylvania beeswax and organic, ethically-made essential oils of tea tree and lavender are added to create a superior healing balm.

Plantago lancelota is known as a topical all purpose first aid remedy, speeding up the healing of freshly tattooed skin. Prunella vulgaris soothes and nourishes. Combined with the healing powers of tea tree and lavender, it's remarkable! 

This balm can also be used for any general first aid needs.

Herbal oils by Native Apothecary are created during the new moon and solar-infused for one full moon cycle ensuring that the healing energy of our potions are potent and rich.  This balm was born out of this process.

You are sacred and so you are worthy of potent remedies harvested from the land, made with a grateful heart. 

This listing is for either a one ounce or four ounce tin.

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