Thrive Oil

Thrive Oil

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Surrounding yourself with the abundance of nature for vital health and well being is what the sages of this world teach us.  Whether it is a feather found on the morning walk, a basket of pine needles harvested with a grateful heart, or a ripe apple picked from a tree, the magic of life comes from directly from the land.  Native Apothecary’s Thrive oil captures the abundant essence of the land, imparting the ability to manifest and grow, just like the Green Elders do!

This ceremony oil is created with ethically harvested White Pine and organic Bay Leaf, two Green Elders that historically have been called upon to promote prosperity in our lives. An ethically sourced green peridot crystal is added to this rich oil that encourages our hearts to be open to the abundance of life.

Meaningful self-care rituals include caring for our physical and energetic body.  Body oiling with herb-infused plant oils have been used for centuries to create sacred space, a place where one can dream and heal.  The oil, solar-infused with Pine Needle and Bay Leaf, imparts the healing magic of both plant, oil, and the energy of the sun.  Oiling the body promotes healthy skin, immune/lymphatic system, and a deeper connection to yourself.  You are sacred.

How do I use this?  Cocoon your body with the energy of abundance daily during your morning self-care ritual.  Anoint sacred talismans to carry through the day.  Encourage abundance to flow and manifest that glow!

What are the ingredients? Ethically wild-harvested white pine needles, organically certified bay leaf, sun-infused organic olive oil, peridot crystal, non-gmo certified vitamin E oil (used as a preservative)

This listing is for one four ounce bottle and is a part of Native Apothecary’s Ceremony Oil line. 

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